Counseling4Kids First Annual Luminary Awards Event

Counseling4Kids is Excited to Announce our First Annual Luminary Awards Event on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015!

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Counseling4Kids was developed around a “clinic without walls” model of service delivery in which therapists travel to the child’s home to provide therapy. The Agency has 50 licensed mental health

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About Us

Mission Statement

Counseling4Kids delivers healing and advocacy to at-risk children and families to improve the quality of life for all.

Counseling4Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides effective mental health services to abused and neglected children and youth in the foster care system throughout Los Angeles County, as possible.  Over 75 licensed therapists provide in-home therapy to over 1,600 children per year.  For 16 years, Counseling4Kids has impacted the lives of over 11,000 children, changing their future forever.  Our services are funded by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health.

Why We Are Unique

  • Our therapists travel to the home of the child to provide therapy.
  • This creates a more successful outcome because less missed appointments, ability to identify stressors in the home and ability to follow a child through multiple foster home placements.
  • We only use licensed, experienced therapists trained in the unique, special needs of foster children.


A Counseling4Kids Story of Success:

Three Sisters and a Bright Future Ahead


In Fall 2014, three sisters, ages 6, 4, and 3 were referred to Counseling4Kids after displaying signs of trauma as a result of living with a neglectful, single mom who was addicted to drugs.  The girls were regularly seen outside their apartment complex unsupervised and wandering around.  After DCFS was alerted of this, the girls were removed from their mother’s care. This neglect led to a multitude of issues, as the oldest sister felt as if she had to constantly look after and speak for her two younger sisters, as mom was rarely around. The two younger sisters did not have any verbal skills, and all three of them had consistent nightmares along with poor manners and social skills.  The girls also struggled in social situations, and withdrew   themselves from their peers.

As soon as an extended relative heard the girls would be placed in foster care, she voluntarily decided to take all three sisters in.  The girls were treated with Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) - a treatment specifically designed for children who have undergone traumatic experiences. Throughout therapy, the therapist used relaxation techniques, trauma narratives, and helped with emotional identification and expression.  The therapist also used pyschoeducation with the caregivers, and taught them effective relaxation techniques for when the girls needed it, and how to provide comfort to the siblings.

After treatment, all three sisters showed signs of improvement. The 3-year-old went from being nonverbal to learning how to express her emotions, and using her words on a daily basis. The middle-aged sister gained confidence and skill building; she is now able to complete tasks, accept praise, and feel good about herself. The oldest sister is now very active in her classroom, and participates regularly and asks questions in class, and her social skills have improved. She is now much more comfortable, as she no longer feels responsible for looking after her younger sisters.

The sisters have a strong bond with their new caregivers, and will most likely be adopted by them very soon. All three of the sisters are very loving, and not only did the therapy improve their behavior, but also their sibling relationship. The girls are very excited to start this new life with their caregivers, and have a bright future ahead!



This child’s story is presented as real, the name and the picture are model representations to protect the child’s confidentiality.


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