Trauma Treatment

The Counseling4Kids Trauma Treatment Program is our specialized program for the treatment of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children. Our population is comprised of children in foster care and other at-risk populations. We provide treatment to all clients in home. A therapist trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will travel to the client and provide services. We use a team treatment approach, and work together with the child’s foster parent or caregiver, the child’s Social Worker, FFA Social Worker and Children’s Attorney, and the biological parents (when appropriate) to ensure comprehensive care.

Who should be referred to Counseling4Kids for specialized Trauma Treatment?

A child who has experienced a significant traumatic event (or series of events), such as sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, witnessing community violence or domestic violence, or other life-endangering and terrifying incidents.

In addition to the above, a child who has symptoms which are clearly related to trauma such as anxiety, depression, flashbacks, nightmares, inability to stop thinking or talking about what happened, irritable mood, unable or unwilling to talk about what happened, emotional numbing, fearful, cannot be alone, etc.

The child must meet the following criteria to receive services:

  • Child is between ages 3 and 18 and is able to communicate adequately with the therapist.
  • Child has full-scope Medi-Cal for Los Angeles County.
  • Court authorization for the child to receive mental health services has been required (proper documentation required to open the case).

How do I refer a child to Counseling4Kids for Trauma Treatment?

Referrals to Counseling4Kids are made by the Clinical Social Worker, FFA Social Worker or Department of Mental Health Staff.

  • The following is required to process your referral:
    • Copy of the child’s Medi-Cal Card or Medi-Cal Authorization letter
    • Copy of Court Minute Order stating child is to receive counseling
    • Completed Referral Form (available below)

Download the referral form here and email the completed document to:

Note: It is important to complete the referral form and submit all of the required documents for processing.